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The Yanks make me sad
Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Granted we're only 13 games into the season - with 149 remaining - but the Yankees are NOT playing like they are capable. They either aren't getting the big outs when needed which often leads to getting shelled, like Johnson got tonight. Sure - this start's about as good the 2005 season and we still finished in 1st place in the division but still, we only had hold of first for maybe 20 games last year? If that.

Before tonight's game the Yanks were batting .301 as a team (3rd best in baseball) with a team ERA of 3.84 (4th in MLB and best in the American League). So how were we 6-6 (now 6-7)?!

Plenty of time to get things back in order but the pitching scares me to death. Here's hoping the Yanks get Clemens!
posted by David Jones @ 9:37 PM  
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