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Toolbar button for editing fields. (SnTT)
Thursday, April 20, 2006
I've had this in draft mode since the 2nd week of Show-n-Tell Thursday's and finally got around to posting it. It's some Formula Script code that allows me to change any field of a document if I have editor access to it quickly and without too many prompts. I have the code behing a custom button in my Editing toolbar so it's always available to me. Chad Schelfhout (thanks for the correction Chris!) had posted something similar with a lot more features/power that you should check out as well. Here are the prompts you get - and the screenshots are from an email doc.

That just made the email to be like the sender had requested a return receipt. So you can notify someone over and over that you read their email with little hassle on your part if you want to have some harmless fun.
Just put this in the code for a button and you're set!

List := @DocFields;
DataTypes := "Text" : "Date" : "Number" ;
EditField := @Prompt( [OkCancelList] ;
"Select a field to alter" ; "Select the field you wish to alter:" ; "CustomerReply" ; List ) ;

Edit := @Prompt( [YesNo] ; "Confirm" ;
"Are you sure you want to alter the current contents of field \"" + EditField + "\"." );

RawValue := @If( Edit = 1 ; @Prompt( [OkCancelEdit] ;
"New Value" ; "Please enter the new desired value." ; NULL ) ;
@Return(NULL) );

DataType := @Prompt( [OkCancelList] ; "Data Type" ;
"Please Select the correct DataType" ; "Text" ; DataTypes );

@If( DataType = "Date" ; @SetField( EditField ;
@TextToTime( RawValue )) ; DataType = "Number" ;
@SetField( EditField ; @TextToNumber( RawValue )) ;
@SetField( EditField ; RawValue ) );
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