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WBC: Mexico vs United States (take 2!)
Thursday, March 16, 2006
Team USA goes up against Mexico again tonight and with a win the USA can secure the last spot in the semi-finals. Clemens is on the mound for Team USA and over the last few years his "must win" stats are 1-1 in 7 starts with the team winning 3 of those 7. Not too good considering Mexico gave us a tough game in the opener last week so I expect this one won't be easy either, even more so without Derrek Lee and Johnny Damon in the game. I might be able to catch the first inning before heading off to play racquetball so I'll probably end up recording it and watching it late tonight which will take some of the fun out.

The US team hasn't looked too good during this event. If I can remember their games have been a win vs Mexico(2-0), loss vs Canada(8-6), win vs South Africa(17-0), a very questionable win vs Japan(4-3) and a loss to the only undefeated team - Korea(7-3). If we beat Mexico we're in the semi-finals and I think with the strange tie-breaker rules that even if we lose we have a shot on making it depending on what the final score was. If the US does win tonight we go to face Korea on Saturday. The winner of that game will go to play the final game on Monday against either the Dominican Republic or Cuba (who also play on Saturday).

While I would like to see the US win (national pride and all) it could be better for baseball, both here in the US and around the world, if we didn't win because it might create more excitement here of getting a team together next time the World Baseball Classic comes around to win. Who knows. Of course, I could just be convincing myself of that because I don't think the US can win it all. =)
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