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Quiz: Which sci-fi crew would you best fit in?
Tuesday, February 28, 2006
I saw this over at Rocky's site and thought I would give it a try - and I agree that a Dune one would be really cool. I wasn't expecting anything but I wonder what it would take to get on the Bebop crew.

You scored as Nebuchadnezzar (The Matrix). You can change the world around you. You have a strong will and a high technical aptitude. Is it possible you are the one? Now if only Agent Smith would quit beating up your friends.

Nebuchadnezzar (The Matrix)
Millennium Falcon (Star Wars)
Deep Space Nine (Star Trek)
Andromeda Ascendant (Andromeda)
Enterprise D (Star Trek)
Galactica (Battlestar: Galactica)
Babylon 5 (Babylon 5)
SG-1 (Stargate)
Bebop (Cowboy Bebop)
Moya (Farscape)
Serenity (Firefly)
FBI's X-Files Division (The X-Files)

Your Ultimate Sci-Fi Profile II: which sci-fi crew would you best fit in? (pics)
created with
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Google Tech Talks
Tuesday, February 21, 2006
I haven't looked at any of them but interesting idea I suppose.
Google Tech Talks
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Pulling data from a DB2 database using LSX (Show-n-Tell)
Thursday, February 16, 2006
Rocky Oliver and Bruce Elgort came up with the idea of a show-n-tell Thursday for those in the IBM Lotus Domino/Notes community to share a technique, tip, trick, app, etc. that you've developed or use to do your job better.

We have a business system designed by Caterpillar and it drives a lot of our business. With it being a lovely 5250 green-screen application we pull a lot of data out of it and into various Notes databases to give the end user better interfaces to view/sort data as starting points for workflow applications, CRM apps, etc. etc.

Here's just a quick and easy (hopefully efficient) way to pull certain fields from a table and create a Notes document out of it.

You have the Options first - OpenLog from is amazing - you should use it.

Option Public
Option Explicit
Uselsx "*lsxlc"
Use "OpenLogFunctions"
%INCLUDE "lsconst.lss"
Then the main section of code in your routine. Pretty simple code with some comments that should be enough to understand.

On Error Goto errorHandler

Dim session As New LCSession

Dim src As New LCConnection("db2")
Dim fldOut As New LCFieldList

'// -- Database that is named in the "wrkrdbdire" command on the AS400
src.Database = "THOMPSON"
src.UserID = "userID"
src.Password = "password"

'// -- Format used is "Libraryname.Tablename"
src.Metadata = "LIBD42.EMPORDH0"

'// -- Column(s) that are returned
'// -- Order#, MSO, Order Date, Location, Ship Date, Ship Status, Ready Date, Comments, Ack. Date

If (src.Select(Nothing, 1, fldOut) = 0) Then '// -- No records found
End If

Dim nDB As New NotesDatabase("","")
Dim nDoc As NotesDocument

Call nDB.OpenByReplicaID("Notes1","86256F55006013D6")

While (src.Fetch (fldOut) > 0) '// -- Get 1 row at a time from the recordset
Set nDoc = New NotesDocument ( nDB )
nDoc.Form = "frmPO"
nDoc.fldIDNum = Trim$(fldOut.ORNO(0))
nDoc.fldMSO = Trim$(fldOut.SPORNO(0))
nDoc.fldOrderDate = Trim$(fldOut.ORDT8(0))
nDoc.fldLocation = Trim$(fldOut.EQPLNO(0))
nDoc.fldCATSDate = Trim$(fldOut.DTSHP8(0))
nDoc.fldCATSS = Trim$(fldOut.RDYSP(0))
nDoc.fldTMCCDate = Trim$(fldOut.DLRD04(0))
nDoc.fldMemo = Trim$(fldOut.CMNT2(0))
nDoc.fldAckDate = Trim$(fldOut.AKISD8(0))
Call nDoc.Save(True, False)

Exit Sub

Call LogError

This LotusScript was converted to HTML using the ls2html routine,
provided by Julian Robichaux at

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Template Change
Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Got tired of the old template and decided it was time for a change. I didn't look for different ones long but I found this one and thought I'd give it a try. For those that actually read stuff here, what do you think?
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Looking back at the football season
I was very quiet this football season on both college and professional football, I don't think I made even 1 post involving either. So I wanted to sit down and write a few thoughts I had about them.

You have to wonder about the NFL Officials. During the Colts-Steelers game (I'd like to see Peyton win a Super Bowl) you had to think that the NFL (or at least the officials) wanted the Colts to win. Lots of terrible calls. I only saw the first 10 minutes and then the last half of the Steelers-Seahawks game but there was some questionable calls there. I missed the D-Jack call(s) in the 1st half along with Big Ben's touchdown but the holding call that helped kill the Seahawk drive (it did look like some jersey was bundled but nothing uncommon or that would have been called in a regular season game) along with the penalty call on Hasslebeck for "blocking below the knees" (I think that's what the official said) for trying to tackle Taylor who had just intercepted the ball. Is the NFL trying to influence games?

The Dolphins did me proud...the Titans, no so much. I've been a Dolphins fan since I was 10 years old so when the Titans came to town I had a decision to make. You can't have 2 "favorites" in sports so staying with the Dolphins or switching over to the home team. I stayed with the Dolphins but will cheer for the Titans as well - providing they aren't playing the Dolphins.

The Dolphins had a lovely pre-season (1-4) followed by a lovely 1st half (3-5) before going to an impressive 3-7. Following the loss, Saban had his speech about "The record doesn't really matter, the result doesn't matter and the score in the game doesn't really matter". He got a lot of flak because of that statement from reporters and columnists everywhere but oddly enough, the Dolphins won every single one of their remaining schedule to finish 9-7. Granted the wins were at teams with the records of (4-6), (4-7), (8-4), (3-10), (4-10), (10-5) - so maybe that isn't saying a lot. Some said the Pats didn't want to win the last game of the season so they could go play the Jags instead of the Steelers or Bengals but I don't know if anyone really tries to lose a game. I can't wait for next year even though I think it will be tough to make the playoffs because of only 2 wildcard spots plus the Patriots should come back and still have a great season in the division.

The Titans finished 4-12 with wins against Houston (x2 - a lot to be proud here - especially with the Houston kicker missing that field goal the 2nd time they played. Watching that kick he HAD to have missed on purpose so Houston could stay in 1st place in the "Reggie Bush sweepstakes"), Baltimore & San Francisco. 14 of 16 games they allow 20+ points (8 were 30+) and were outscored 421-299. Unless they've tried to trade up or down, they get 3rd pick in the draft. You have to assume that the top 3 picks are Bush, Leinart and Young although Jay Cutler from Vanderbilt has been getting a lot of praise. Houston is saying they're taking Bush. New Orleans will probably take Leinart leaving Young. I don't see how the Titans can pass up on him although that's a lot of money to not be a full time starting QB since McNair is still going to be around. McNair spent the last few years mentoring Young so maybe it's a great pick. I'm just glad I'm not the one(s) making the call on this one.

As for Division I College Football, I don't have as much to say because I can't remember all that much but here are the top 5 things.
1.) Texas beating USC - Made my football year. Best football game, at any level, that I've seen in a long long time. I think it actually lived up to all the hype - which is rare these days.
2.) Vanderbilt beating the UT Vols. Last time was over 2 decades ago and with the UT Vols fans here outnumbering even the Titans fans, gotta love it.
3.) LSU's clobbering of Miami. Who saw that one coming? I thought this one would have been one of the top 4 best bowl games to watch.
4.) SEC was a disappointment in the big bowl games. Auburn and Georgia losing like that was tough to watch and Spurrier (South Carolina) blew a 21 point lead.
5.) MTSU beating Vanderbilt on a blocked field goal with only seconds left. MTSU is now 3-0 against them.
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Lotusphere 2006 Report
Wednesday, February 01, 2006
Currently writing up my Lotusphere 2006 report that I have to send on to the executives in the company and found this article from the I thought it was worth a read and mentions some of the "Red Bull" stuff at the beginning that made me laugh.
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