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Arrived in Tampa
Saturday, January 21, 2006
Flight arrived 1:30 AM this morning (delayed an hour because of ice in Chicago) and made it over to my aunt & uncle's around 2:30. Going to stay here the rest of the day and head to Orlando sometime late Sunday morning. I've been slacking (0 posts in a month and a half) on posting something, anything, and I'm going to make an effort to at least try and get something on here once a week.

Out of my last 8 flights, 6 of them were delayed at least an hour. I don't fly all that often, maybe 3-4 trips a year, but my track record is becoming terrible with flights. Almost tempted to start trying to get to the airport as late as possible but with my luck there would probably be an accident or something on the way and the flight would actually leave on time, making me miss my flight.

Nashville -> Tampa (July '05): Delayed
Tampa -> Nashville (July '05): Delayed
Nashville -> Houston (Sept '05): On Time
Houston -> Orlando (Oct '05): Delayed
Orlando -> Nashville (Oct '05): Delayed
Nashville -> Orlando (Dec '05): Delayed
Orlando -> Nashville (Dec '05): On Time
Nashville -> Tampa (last night): Delayed

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