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Lotusphere Day Last
Thursday, January 26, 2006
Just got out of the first session for today which was presented by Paul Mooney and Bill Buchan. I think this one had the best turnout of any session I've been to. Great stories of how NOT to do things with plenty of humor as well. Great session to start the last day.
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Lotusphere Day Three
Wednesday, January 25, 2006
Today's been a good day as well - even though it started earlier because I went to my 1st ever Birds of a Feather session, Running IBM Lotus Notes on an Apple Macintosh. Having never been, I didn't know what to expect but it was pretty much just a Q&A session with some IBMers. A lot of good questions asked and most of those that attended turned in a business card to help out as Beta Testers. Very cool.

Admin Zero to Hero in 60 minutes was a good one as always. Ed's The Boss Loves Microsoft: So Where Does That Leave Lotus? was great - always a "must" on the schedule. Kevin Marshall and Jamie Magee did their Application Performance Techniques for IBM Lotus Domino Developers session that I went to last year. Again, it was one of the best I've been to yet.

Currently sitting and waiting on Ed and Libby's How to "Sell" IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Inside Your Organization session to start. Don't know if this session has been done in previous years but looking forward to seeing what kind of info is presented.
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Last two sessions today
Tuesday, January 24, 2006
The Application Performance Optimization (AD206) session was, as the speakers said, more as a session-prep to the BP302 course. The last slide was a conclusion of what they talked about which was...
  • Performance is mostly about user perception.

  • Use good programming techniques.

  • Load and test the application as if it was in production.

  • Identify and isolate high impact areas.

  • Performance is also about consistency in response time.

The last one I went to today was Code for Speed, or Code for Easier Reading: You Make the Call!

John Wargo & Rocky Oliver were the speakers for the session. Very good session where Rocky (a little bit country) discussed coding for easier reading and John (a little bit rock 'n' roll) discussed coding for speed. Both agreed that ideally a combination of both was the way to code.

This is the first session this year I've attended where Rocky was speaking but he has such enthusiasm when he speaks (and he was sick today!) that he could make just about anything interesting.
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Lotusphere Day Two
Today's been a good day. I've spent a lot of time in the Product Showcase talking with various companies - mainly anti-spam people as we're looking at changing solutions. Got my "I'm A Sicko" button along with a couple other pins from the UserGroup booth. Met Bruce Elgort and Julian Robichaux at the OpenNTF booth after they had just finished with their latest Taking Notes. Nice guys and Bruce was going to ask about the Mac client in their next interview. Met Chris Whisonant yesterday in a Web Services session before the iSeries one he was co-presenting in. Nice guy as well and did a good job on his session with Kim Greene.

A random insight from today's sessions so far: Andre Guirard is a genius.

The Applications Performance Optimization session is starting up so I'll post more later.
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Opening Session
Monday, January 23, 2006
Not a bad opening session. Lots of demos of stuff to come which looked very cool. We don't do anything yet with Portal or Workplace but interesting stuff there as well. Jason Alexander (George Costanza) was the guest speaker. He did a very good job but I think I liked John Cleese (2005) and Patrick Stewart (2004) better. Sitting in the IBM Lotus Domino 7 -- and Beyond! session at the moment and so far it's pretty much the same thing I saw last year.

I'll keep the posts coming.
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Beach Club Resort
Sunday, January 22, 2006
Made it to Orlando and got checked in to the Beach Club Resort then went and checked in for Lotusphere and got the new backpack with all the information that comes with those. The Beach Club Resort's rooms are nicer than the Swan & Dolphin's (stayed there last year so I assume the Swan's rooms as well). The room is a bit bigger and I don't remember having a refrigerator in my Dolphin room like here. Not sure if I consider it nice enough to miss out on the convenience of being RIGHT THERE like you are at the Swan & Dolphin. I'm guessing it's around a 10 minute casual walk (will have to time it) from here to make it to the Dolphin. You also have to pay $9.95 to have a high speed connection here - which is good for a continuous 24 hours opposed to the Dolphin's room which had it for free.
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Arrived in Tampa
Saturday, January 21, 2006
Flight arrived 1:30 AM this morning (delayed an hour because of ice in Chicago) and made it over to my aunt & uncle's around 2:30. Going to stay here the rest of the day and head to Orlando sometime late Sunday morning. I've been slacking (0 posts in a month and a half) on posting something, anything, and I'm going to make an effort to at least try and get something on here once a week.

Out of my last 8 flights, 6 of them were delayed at least an hour. I don't fly all that often, maybe 3-4 trips a year, but my track record is becoming terrible with flights. Almost tempted to start trying to get to the airport as late as possible but with my luck there would probably be an accident or something on the way and the flight would actually leave on time, making me miss my flight.

Nashville -> Tampa (July '05): Delayed
Tampa -> Nashville (July '05): Delayed
Nashville -> Houston (Sept '05): On Time
Houston -> Orlando (Oct '05): Delayed
Orlando -> Nashville (Oct '05): Delayed
Nashville -> Orlando (Dec '05): Delayed
Orlando -> Nashville (Dec '05): On Time
Nashville -> Tampa (last night): Delayed

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