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Domino 7 Upgrade
Monday, December 05, 2005
Finally got around to upgrading one of my Domino servers to 7 last Friday. It was running Domino 5.0.9 on Windows 2000 and it was painless getting the server upgraded and running...until I saw that no mail was being routed to the internal Notes server. I could send email to the internet just fine but nothing from the internet was coming in.
We are using Directory Assistance in routing mail between our Domino Domains and I noticed this message on the server "Directory Assistance is reloading internal tables due to change in Directory Assistance database." Tried looking in the forums and on Google for anything to help me out but nothing worked.

Gave Lotus support a call and the first person I talked with had me set this in the notes.ini "RouterPartialLookupResults=1" (default is 0) and restart the server. This worked and mail began routing between the two Domino Domains fine. The Lotus guy said that he'd pass it on and have someone call me back shortly to try and figure out why the upgrade caused things to quit working. Spent over two hours testing things with the next Lotus support person but we still couldn't figure out what caused things to go wrong. I'll give an update tonight after speaking with support again.

The console message I'm seeing is actually "Directory Assistance is reloading internal tables due to remote server failure.". I saw the other one at some point as well but this one is the most frequent.
posted by David Jones @ 9:06 AM  
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