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What the Yanks should do according to me
Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Must go...
Kevin Brown: His 2 years with us have cost around $30 million and what did we get? A 14-13 record - and 4 of those wins against a horrible Tampa Bay team in 2004.

Bernie Williams: Almost willing to take a chance on him but not with his fielding diffulties, decline in power and $12+ million price tag.

Mike Mussina: Proved yet again that in the BIG games he can't hack it. I'm a fan of Moose's but he's too inconsistent for being the 3rd highest player on the team at $19 million.

Carl Pavano (if rumors are true): Complains of a "tired arm" but doctors couldn't really find anything and label it something like rotator cuff tendinitis. If this is true, seems that the arm could be more a stress / mental thing and shows he can't handle the pressure of being in New York.

Willing to take a chance on...
Randy Johnson: Lots of health issues but was dominating from the last week of August till the end of the season plus he'd be the only lefty in the starting rotation.

Al Leiter: Says he might retire but if he can get his control down could still be very effective.

Jaret Wright: Only 29 and went 15-8 with the Braves in 2004. Was on the DL most of this season and went 5-5. If he can stay healthy he's a welcome addition.

Alex Rodriguez: Hard to get rid of the best player in baseball. Had a great year in 2005 but any player that's making almost $26 million should have great years. Probably only on here because he went 2-15 (.133 average) in the 5 Playoff games with ZERO RBIs.

Tom Gordon: Flash Gordon still can pitch (5-4, 2.57 ERA) but I always get the feeling that big games almost kill him. Something just doesn't seem right when he's out there for those but the Gordon-Rivera combo has worked so far, so why change what works?

Gary Sheffield: A friend once told me "Sheffield will do you great in the regular season but come the playoffs, get ready for disappointments." 6-21 with 2 RBIs in 2005 and 14-48 with 7 RBIs in 2004. The batting average almost comes out at .300 but the RBIs just aren't there. His shoulder problems worry me but with the bat speed he has and the way he swings...

Jason Giambi: I was ready to send him packing before this season started but his 2nd half numbers were amazing. He can stay for another year but if there's another "substance" issue with him, he's gotta go.

Must keep...
Aaron Small: Went 10-0 with a 3.20 ERA. 'Nuff said.

Chien-Ming Wang: Got called up from the minors and the 25 year old went 8-5 with a 4.02 ERA but spent some time on the DL. Seemed to handle the pressure just fine.

Hideki Matsui: Worth his $8 million. In his 3 years of MLB with the Yanks, each year he's had over 100 RBI with a .297 batting average.

Shawn Chacon: 7-3 with a 2.85 ERA. This guy could be our staff ace. Was put in big games all year and always came through.

Mariano Rivera: 7-4 with 43 saves and a 1.38(!!!!!) ERA. Possible Cy Young (as a closer!) for 2005. This guy just continues to get it done and the Yanks will be hurting when he's finally gone.

Tanyon Sturtze: Works good as a reliever and could potentially take Gordon's spot as setup man if Gordon can no longer cut it and one of the lowest paid Yanks.

Jorge Posada: The passion he has when on the field is amazing and the way he handled all the pitching staff changes was great. Offensive numbers have been down since 2003 (hasn't been the same since he got hit in the nose going to second) but still one of the best catchers in baseball.

Robinson Cano: Can you say "AL Rookie of the Year"? I haven't lamented the loss of Soriano after Cano's first few weeks at 2nd.

Derek Jeter: I think our Captain needs no reason why he gets to stay.

Joe Torre: A man who the players and the fans respect and have confidence in. He's also handled all the crazy stuff the Boss says and does better than probably anyone could. A perfect fit in the organization.
posted by David Jones @ 11:30 PM  
  • At 9:57 AM, Blogger Chris Whisonant said…

    You have too much time on your hands! But this looks like a really good assessment of the team. We've still wone more World Series than any other team, but we need to start winning them again in the near future. With the bankroll that the Yanks have there should be no reason not to at least get to the World Series!

  • At 2:24 PM, Blogger David Jones said…

    What can I say? I'm a fanatic. =)

    Surprisingly, our pitching didn't really do us in this year. Our horrible defense did. It will be interested to see who stays and who goes though.

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