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Domino moves to eServer i5 520 box!
Sunday, September 04, 2005
As of Friday I officially have everything moved over to our new 520 server. We did have our servers running Domino & LEI 6.5.4 on an iSeries 810 running V5R3. We were running 2 company's Domino servers as partioned servers, which wasn't bad but not effective for maintenance work, especially with our main business application also residing on the same LPAR as those 2 servers. Now we have 3 LPARs; 1 for each Domino server and 1 for the business system.

There were quite a few headaches in the move and several of them could have been avoided had I read some documentation instead of making an assumption. Shame on me - BUT, lesson learned. The assumption I made was that our new 520 box, running V5R3 as well, would need no additional software to make Domino & LEI 6.5.4 to work. This is not the case.

I had upgraded Domino and LEI from 6.5.1 to 6.5.4 in mid-July due to a lot of server issues that had sprung up from seemingly nowhere. I don't even think the IBM support people had a clue as to what caused our problems. 6.5.4 didn't fix it due to some issues with LEI but eventually we got everything worked out and the server quit crashing. When I did this upgrade we were still on V5R2 but shortly after upgraded our OS to V5R3 and everything worked great. This is why I assumed we wouldn't need anything additional to get it to work on the new box but installing LEI 6.5.4 on V5R3 requires 2 additional licensed programs; 5722SS1 (option 33), which will be on your OS cds, and 5799PTL - which is free but you have to order it.

I called up our IBM business partner and got the program ordered early Monday morning and asked to get it to us as fast as possible. The cd arrived sometime on Thursday so I went downtown that afternoon to get the program installed and get LEI up and running. I put the cd in our drive and after a few seconds, the drive ejects the disc. I put it back in, a few seconds later it gets ejected again. I checked the bottom for scratches or anything that might cause the drive to not read the disc but don't see anything so I try again. Same results. I'm fairly frustrated at this point seeing as how the LEI jobs haven't been running all week and the disc took 4 days to get here and I don't want to have to wait for a new disc to arrive.

I put the disc in my laptop and it reads it fine. Try it back in the 520 drive and it spits it back out. I try cleaning the disc but it doesn't help. I started getting rather angry but then realized we still had the 810 and maybe that drive could read it and I could just install it on the 810 and save the program to tape and restore from tape to get it on the 520. Put it in the 810 drive and it reads it fine. Instead of saying "Great, I can get this installed now", I give in to my stubborness and go back to trying to get it to work on the 520 drive. (I had already had numerous issues with the tape drives and bad backups - tape drives and I don't get along.)

Needless to say, it never worked on the 520 drive and eventually I decided installing on the 810 was the only way to go. So I put the disc back in the 810 drive and after a few seconds it ejects the disc like the 520 was doing. After trying to get the disc to read about 20 times, it finally stays in the drive and I get it installed on the 810. Back the program up to tape and restore on the 520 without a problem. I had a few issues with the IE/VNC part of the installation process but eventually that gets worked out and LEI installs without another problem. The entire migration took almost a week but finally got this part of the completed - just have to install it all again when our other 520 box comes in for the clustered environment in a few weeks. Yippee.
posted by David Jones @ 1:57 PM  
  • At 8:41 PM, Blogger Chris Whisonant said…

    Glad to hear you're up and running now on i5 hardware! Those new boxes are awesome - hopefully I'll get to one someday...

  • At 11:15 PM, Blogger David Jones said…

    It's been nice so far. Even heard some people say Notes seems faster now. That's the first migration of Domino I've done so I learned quite a lot and hopefully the next time I have to migrate some it will be a lot easier of a process.

  • At 8:52 AM, Blogger Chris Whisonant said…

    We moved from a 2-way 270 to an older 4-way 820. I didn't think Notes was all that bad but we did have complaints. The 270 was only using about 25% CPU. But when we switched to the 820 (using 270 as cluster failover now...) the Notes response times were AWESOME! Can't wait for the next migration.

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