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Racquetball tonight
Thursday, August 18, 2005
I am ashamed.

Thursday nights are almost always my racquetball night. Usually it's just my friend Geoff and I but sometimes we might have another friend or two who joins us for either a doubles match or some cut-throat games. Tonight it was just Geoff and we got our standard 3 games in. Normally it takes a little over an hour to get 3 games but tonight's games took about 45 minutes.

In the 4-5 years we've played, our wins/losses would be about equal. It's very rare that when we're finished someone won all the games if we played at least 3. Tonight was one of those nights.

The first game we were tied at 6-6 until Geoff scored 3 unanswered and went up 9-6. I tried to come back but fell short with a final score of 15-10. 2nd game started started off just like the first, tied at 6-6, but this time I got 3 unanswered and went up 9-6. Next thing I know Geoff's 13 and I'm still at 9. Again, put up a good fight but fell short and lost 15-12. The last was the worst game I might have ever played. I got skunked. Yep, lost 7-0.

In the 6+ years I've played the game I can't remember getting skunked. It's probably happened but not anytime in the last couple of years. I'd rather get beat 15-1 then lose 7-0. There's just something shameful about not being able to score 1 point before they get to 7. To make it worse, I didn't even put up a fight. It was pure ownage. Like I said earlier, I am ashamed.
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