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Toolbar button for editing fields. (SnTT)
Thursday, April 20, 2006
I've had this in draft mode since the 2nd week of Show-n-Tell Thursday's and finally got around to posting it. It's some Formula Script code that allows me to change any field of a document if I have editor access to it quickly and without too many prompts. I have the code behing a custom button in my Editing toolbar so it's always available to me. Chad Schelfhout (thanks for the correction Chris!) had posted something similar with a lot more features/power that you should check out as well. Here are the prompts you get - and the screenshots are from an email doc.

That just made the email to be like the sender had requested a return receipt. So you can notify someone over and over that you read their email with little hassle on your part if you want to have some harmless fun.
Just put this in the code for a button and you're set!

List := @DocFields;
DataTypes := "Text" : "Date" : "Number" ;
EditField := @Prompt( [OkCancelList] ;
"Select a field to alter" ; "Select the field you wish to alter:" ; "CustomerReply" ; List ) ;

Edit := @Prompt( [YesNo] ; "Confirm" ;
"Are you sure you want to alter the current contents of field \"" + EditField + "\"." );

RawValue := @If( Edit = 1 ; @Prompt( [OkCancelEdit] ;
"New Value" ; "Please enter the new desired value." ; NULL ) ;
@Return(NULL) );

DataType := @Prompt( [OkCancelList] ; "Data Type" ;
"Please Select the correct DataType" ; "Text" ; DataTypes );

@If( DataType = "Date" ; @SetField( EditField ;
@TextToTime( RawValue )) ; DataType = "Number" ;
@SetField( EditField ; @TextToNumber( RawValue )) ;
@SetField( EditField ; RawValue ) );
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"The Wikipedia FAQK"
Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Pretty funny article about Wikipedia from
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The Yanks make me sad
Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Granted we're only 13 games into the season - with 149 remaining - but the Yankees are NOT playing like they are capable. They either aren't getting the big outs when needed which often leads to getting shelled, like Johnson got tonight. Sure - this start's about as good the 2005 season and we still finished in 1st place in the division but still, we only had hold of first for maybe 20 games last year? If that.

Before tonight's game the Yanks were batting .301 as a team (3rd best in baseball) with a team ERA of 3.84 (4th in MLB and best in the American League). So how were we 6-6 (now 6-7)?!

Plenty of time to get things back in order but the pitching scares me to death. Here's hoping the Yanks get Clemens!
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Cuba beats the Dominican Republic to go to the Finals!
Saturday, March 18, 2006
It was a VERY good game. Scoreless until going into the 7th (maybe it was bottom of the 6th) but Cuba came back and scored 3 to comeback and win 3-1. At the start of this, the US and the Dominican Republic were the sure bets to play in the Finals but now both are gone. Not sure if the Korea--Japan game will be on tonight or not but I'll probably try to catch some of it on if it is.

Currently watching the Washington--Illinios college basketball game. 20.7 seconds left and Illinois is down by 4. I filled out one of those brackets and on the first day of games I went 13 out of 16. Yesterday I went 10 out of 16. So for round 1 - 72%. I don't really pay much attention to college hoops until the Conference Championships so 72% isn't too bad, I guess. Luckily, I didn't have Kansas, Nevada, Michigan State or Iowa winning in the 2nd round so those upsets didn't hurt.
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WBC: Mexico 2, USA 1
Thursday, March 16, 2006
I got to see the first inning and then made it back from racquetball in time to catch the last two innings. Team USA reminds me a lot of the Yankees. Powerful lineup that can't really get it done consistently. Oh well. I'm just glad A-Rod walked instead of hitting into a double-play there in the ninth. Japan now gets to go play their 3rd game against Korea and the Dominican Republic faces Cuban for the 2nd time. Both games are on Saturday and hopefully I can catch them on ESPN. I think I'll cheer for Japan as they are probably the biggest underdog. Go Japan!!!
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WBC: Mexico vs United States (take 2!)
Team USA goes up against Mexico again tonight and with a win the USA can secure the last spot in the semi-finals. Clemens is on the mound for Team USA and over the last few years his "must win" stats are 1-1 in 7 starts with the team winning 3 of those 7. Not too good considering Mexico gave us a tough game in the opener last week so I expect this one won't be easy either, even more so without Derrek Lee and Johnny Damon in the game. I might be able to catch the first inning before heading off to play racquetball so I'll probably end up recording it and watching it late tonight which will take some of the fun out.

The US team hasn't looked too good during this event. If I can remember their games have been a win vs Mexico(2-0), loss vs Canada(8-6), win vs South Africa(17-0), a very questionable win vs Japan(4-3) and a loss to the only undefeated team - Korea(7-3). If we beat Mexico we're in the semi-finals and I think with the strange tie-breaker rules that even if we lose we have a shot on making it depending on what the final score was. If the US does win tonight we go to face Korea on Saturday. The winner of that game will go to play the final game on Monday against either the Dominican Republic or Cuba (who also play on Saturday).

While I would like to see the US win (national pride and all) it could be better for baseball, both here in the US and around the world, if we didn't win because it might create more excitement here of getting a team together next time the World Baseball Classic comes around to win. Who knows. Of course, I could just be convincing myself of that because I don't think the US can win it all. =)
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WBC: Mexico vs United States
Wednesday, March 08, 2006
I'm an enormous fan of the show 24. I've been watching it as close to "real time" as possible with a friend who got me hooked a few episodes into season one. The past 4+ years we've had a "24" night where we either catch it as it's shown or we record it and watch it afterwards. Last night there were 2 episodes on and we only got through one of them so I was planning on heading back over tonight to catch the other. This comes back into the post shortly.

The WBC game started at 3:00pm my time so I called my brother and asked if he could TiVo it if he wasn't already. I didn't want to know anything about the results at all so I stayed away from anything as best I could that might tip me off to the score/outcome. Head over to my friend's around 8 to watch the other 24 episode and then going to head over to my brother's to pick the game up and start watching. He's not too big of a sports fan, especially on tv and even more so with baseball. First thing he says, "So, the U.S. won by like 2 points right? Two - nothing?". Unbelievable.

Currently about 10:30 and I've started watching and I'll give some random tidbits until I get bored with typing.

  • Game 1 in Phoenix, Arizona - presented by Taco Bell.
  • Clemens vs South Africa - Friday. I'm stoked already.
  • Commentators talking about how the U.S. team is a lot like the 1st Olympic Dream Team and talked about how they had to come together and play as a team and to support their line of thought they give a quote from Jeter about the Classic, "Nobody will remember who wins the MVP here but everyone will remember what team won".
  • Odd seeing Jeter in a white uniform that doesn't have pinstripes.
  • Jeter, Damon and A-Rod are the 3 outs for the U.S. in the 1st inning. Way to represent the Yanks for your first at bats...
  • I never put this together until now but Jason Varitek and A-Rod are both playing for the U.S. That has to be awkward with the infamous shove to the face Varitek gave A-Rod back in 2004 that almost turned into a brawl at Fenway.
  • Someone needs to figure out how to make the commercials as separate chapters for this TiVo thing on DVD. Already sick of the fast-forwarding.
  • Jake Peavy had some good stuff. 3 innings pitched, 21 pitches, 3 strikeouts and 9 batters faced (thanks to 2 double plays).
  • The whole "Damon: former Red Sox and Boston hero now turned Yankee" stuff needs to stop - every baseball fan knows this already - but sadly it's going to go on and on and on all year.
  • Derrek Lee homers in the 4th, 1-0 USA.
  • Commentators observe that had Jeter and Clemens both not been here that it wouldn't be a true representation of team USA. I agree.
  • Chipper Jones hits a first pitch 1 run shot in the 7th as one of the commentators is talking about him hitting a home run in a game against the Giants a couple days ago - he also gets described as the "Derek Jeter of the National League".
  • Yankee hitters go 3-9. Not bad considering the team went 6-29. I retract my earlier sarcastic remark.

And from the Dominican Republic vs Venezuela...
  • David Ortiz still scares me. 3 at-bats, 2 home runes, 3 RBIs today. Why does he have to play for Boston? He's a Yankee killer.
  • The U.S. isn't the team to beat - the Dominican Republic is the team to beat with an offense like that (11-5 win over Venezuela).

Tomorrow team USA plays Canada at 3pm CST. Brother already said he was going to start TiVo-ing all the USA games plus any other he could - good stuff. I love baseball season!
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World Baseball Classic
Saturday, March 04, 2006
Anyone who keeps up with baseball has to be aware of the World Baseball Classic that started a few days ago in Japan. This is the first time (that I know of) that anything like this has happened for baseball and I think it is GREAT! It's 16 countries broken up into 4 pools. The 1st round will eliminate 2 teams from each pool and the games are played in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Japan. Round 2 will be each pool's winner & runner-up and they take place in the U.S. and Puerto Rico with the final four teams playing in San Diego.

I've already missed 4 games - Japan has shelled the 2 teams they've played outscoring them 31-5 - but I plan on trying to watch or record any of them that are left. Quite a few MLB players have broken up to play in the Classic but less than I original thought would, which I think will make it even better.

A player is eligible to participate on a World Baseball Classic team if:
  • The player is a citizen of the nation the team represents. (Additionally, if a player is qualified for citizenship or to hold a passport under the laws of a nation represented by a team, but has not been granted citizenship or been issued a passport, then the player may be made eligible by WBCI upon petition by the player or team.)

  • The player is a permanent legal resident of the nation or territory the team represents.

  • The player was born in the nation or territory the team represents.

  • The player has one parent who is, or if deceased was, a citizen of the nation the team represents.

  • The player has one parent who was born in the nation or territory the team represents.

The Yankees have Al Leiter, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon out of Spring Training to play for the U.S. and Bernie Williams playing for Puerto Rico. I'm a little worried about injuries here - as I think they'll see more playing time and put more effort into this opposed to a regular Spring Training game - but I think the risk is worth what this can do for baseball around the world and I hope this continues and only grows bigger in years to come.
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